How to choose a wedding caterer

Catering para bodas

Catering is one of the most important parts of a wedding. In fact, gastronomy is usually the presentation that guests remember the most and, therefore, it is necessary to take care and choose very well which catering company we are going to hire.

It is important to hire it in advance, to test the menus and to know that this service represents a great part of the total budget of the wedding. Be well informed if the chosen space already has catering or if we have to look for it ourselves.

Tips to choose the wedding catering

  • Be aware and set a budget not to call any caterers. This will help us to make a first selection.
  • Get to know your guests! This aspect is very important because it helps when choosing the type of menu, and / or catering ... if we prefer meat to fish, if we look for something more modern or opt for the classic ...
  • Ask a wedding planner for advice, a professional.
  • Ideally, the chosen caterer should have already worked at the wedding site. This makes it easier to assemble, dismantle, communicate, coordinate and logistically with the owners of the space etc...
  • Try and contact various caterers...
  • The number of guests influences the choice as not just any catering company can provide good service and quality of food for a very large wedding for example. Some catering services, when they have to offer their services to large groups, turn into dining room type food chains and overlook the care of their products and service.
  • Knowing what type of wedding, if classic with service sitting at a round table or betting on novelty, especially for informal or very large weddings, with a cocktail type service throughout the evening, beyond the appetizer, or perhaps opting for the buffet with different food stands. In these last two cases, the sophistication of the products is on a par with traditional banquets and, in fact, they usually gain in modernity, decoration... they are catering that seeks to be different, without taking away from quality and service.
  • If you have a specific theme in your wedding, for example "oriental", look for a catering that is able to offer a gastronomy according to the chosen theme.
  • Ask if the table linen and dishes are included. Always check well what is included and not, how many waiters per table (that is 1 per table of 10 people), the wedding cake, decoration, lighting....
  • Compare well the offers of different caterers. Not always the cheap is bad nor the expensive good...
  • Try out the menus of each option chosen so that you can make your final decision. Quality and quantity are important, without forgetting the presentation, decoration of the dishes...
  • Take into account the quality of the attention to the client, to the guests...
  • Increasingly, we find that many people need special diets, allergies, intolerances ... we must ensure that the catering is prepared to propose options vegan, vegetarian, specific to each guest.
  • The capacity of the caterer to be able to react to any change and/or unforeseen event at the last minute.
  • It is important that the caterer installs all the material and kitchen in the wedding space. To be able to finish cooking, warm up on the spot and not bring everything pre-warmed.

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