How importan in a convention bureau for a MICE destination´s development?

Málaga Convention Bureau

A Convention Bureau is a non-profit organization, which can be foud in any major city but also in smaller areas with good hotel and conference space facilities.

Their mission is basically to develop the MICE industry of a destination and bring groups and events through 3 main procedures:

1- By connecting with the local corporate tourism professionals and offering all the support they could need to get enquiries and therefore business. The Convention Bureau is every local resource’s partner, and even helps the MICE players team up to understand the destination offer’s needs, develop, and promote it together in order to get more business by joining forces.

2- Informing worldwide event planners, outgoing agencies, national and international companies (in other words: potential clients) about hotels, convention facilities and further MICE-related services of the area. The Convention Bureau will be the main contact that will point them in the right direction once they understand the event/group’s features: group size, dates, meetings or incentive, budget, transfer needs, team building or leisure activities and so on.

3- Enhancing network between buyers and suppliers of the industry. How?

a. By organizing sales visits to the main national and international event planners and companies.

b. By attending the main travel trade shows to represent the destination and their members.

c. By arranging Fam Trips for event planners to come and experience the area as a MICE destination through every aspect: hotel, meeting space, venues, team building & leisure etc and get direct contact of the participating contact persons of every facility and service used.

There are many other ways for a Convention Bureaus to work on the destination’s promotion such as social media, blogs, articles in which members are welcome to participate to present their facilities, venues, services.

The Convention Bureau team members are usually approachable people, with a huge contact network within the industry.

A much valuable partner for any MICE player to be and stay in the game, and for the destination for all the groups and events they manage to influence in selecting it amongst all the other options.

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