"Descúbrenos..." chapter 4

Acceptus Producciones, donde está el arte.

The fourth chapter of our miniseries "Descúbrenos" is a mix of cinema, art, flamenco, dance....

It was 2016 when we said "let's make a video clip where flamenco fashion is shown as it is, art" and we did it. Until now, flamenco fashion had been shown on catwalks or in photography, at most in a video making-off of a photo shoot. But there was practically no content of interest on an audiovisual level and yet other great international creators were already creating fashion films.

So we combined our special sensitivity for artistic productions and our good audiovisual skills and we launched what would be the first flamenco fashion film of a trilogy with a lot of art.

"Entre Mairena y Sevilla", the first video of this flamenco trio, received excellent reviews, among them one that we love because it is a compendium of all the good things that the video clip has, first class fashion, special locations, a story sung and told in images? "Flamenco fashion has never been seen with so much art". This sentence summed up what we were looking for when we created the production. And we achieved it.

At #AcceptusEventos and #AcceptusProducciones we are where the art is. We have been demonstrating this in every event or production, but also in every trip, incentive or congress. Art is part of all of them. And we love it.

You can enjoy the flamenco trilogy in the following links:







We are waiting for you in the next chapter!

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