"Descúbrenos..." chapter 1

Acceptus Producciones con los Encuentros de Arte de Genalguacil

We want you to discover us, where we come from, who we are, what we do and how. We are starting a series of mini-chapters that will help you to discover what Acceptus Eventos Producciones y Diseño is and what it does. What and how we feel.

ACCEPTUS was born in 2011 in Seville, formed by a multidisciplinary team with outstanding professional careers in different sectors ranging from MICE, arts and audiovisual. From the beginning, feeling a special weakness for art in its different disciplines, we linked ourselves to it. Thus, combining art and audiovisual, we gave a twist to the audiovisual projection of the Encuentros de Arte de Genalguacil, Festival Internacional de Málaga, making its image take a leap in quality, getting media such as CNN and The New York Times interested in this meeting. We also provided the opening artistic show of the 20th Anniversary Edition, the official photographs and managed different sponsorship actions.

Video Promo 20th Anniversary "20 years of Art and Encounters in Genalguacil".


Video Promo Genalguacil Art Encounters "The Inhabited Museum".


In Acceptus Producciones we do all kinds of audiovisual production and recording, video clips, corporate videos, commercials, promotional, fashion films... discover us Acceptus Producciones : https://acceptus.es/audiovisuales/produccion-audiovisual/

In the next chapters we will continue to tell you...