CIEIA with ACCEPTUS. Historical Disclosure.

CIEIA con ACCEPTUS. Divulgación histórica.

ACCEPTUS, in its tireless commitment to the culture and history of Andalusia, is committed to CIEIA. The II Congress on the Ibero-American Exhibition of Seville 1929, adapted to the complex health circumstances, will be held in a mixed face-to-face and audio-visual format.

The Congress, directed by Ms. Amparo Graciani (Historian, Professor, Academic of Fine Arts and the greatest connoisseur of the legacy of 1929), although it will have an official start and end date (from 13 to 15 October), has been carrying out different exhibition activities and dissemination actions prior to the Congress for some time now. Activities in which inclusion has been a maxim for the legacy of 1929 to reach children, adults, the hearing impaired and, of course, also for tourism, for which texts are being prepared in different languages.

Various actions will form part of this fabulous congress that will highlight the architectural heritage of the emblematic buildings of the legacy of the 1929 Exhibition.

The audiovisual work being carried out and prepared by ACCEPTUS for this magnificent congress will be published on the Official YouTube Channel of CIEIA. We recommend you to subscribe to this channel because discovery, surprise and learning are guaranteed.


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