Feed your mind: Put the Zen Spirit into Your Events


The Hesperia Tower Hotel in Barcelona has just presented a new range of healthy menus revolving around food that boosts personal performance during working hours and a Zen proposal that improves the well-being of event attendees.

The Hesperia Tower Hotel in Barcelona has joined the "brain food" movement, a culinary trend promoting healthy eating focused on improving mental performance at work. This is achieved through a selection of performance menus; healthy eating that includes finger buffets, buffets and coffee breaks. This range has been designed based on the opinion of nutritional medicine experts who stress the importance of an appropriate diet to keep certain mental faculties fully functional. Another break option is also presented, inspired by certain aspects of Zen culture. These new healthy and balanced proposals are geared to maintaining a work pace in line with customer needs.

Healthy menu, healthy mind
Hesperia Tower offers a new selection of performance menus, a healthy new culinary range which helps to keep the mind alert and stimulate creativity and performance, designed for its business customers. This new range includes a finger buffet, a buffet and an updated coffee break concept all based on the six principles of the "brain food" movement: the essential presence of fish, wholegrain cereals, fruit and vegetables; fresh produce; pure ingredients or with minimum industrial processing; minimal meat options and a maximum of 10% fat; natural sweeteners and no more than 10% of added sugars; all of which ensure highly satisfactory flavours, textures and smells. In short, a good option for avoiding drowsy moments during the typical after-lunch "drop-off" at conferences and conventions.

Zen moment of the day
This innovative culinary range designed by the Hesperia Tower Hotel has been prepared according to different features of Zen culture. Special emphasis has been placed on food to achieve balance and an intimate knowledge of the human being in this culture.

Inspired by the sensory principles of Zen culture, Hesperia Tower presents this Zen Break as the best option to reduce stress during work breaks – a kit catering to the five senses in a totally relaxed atmosphere.

Beyond mere flavour and to ensure full satisfaction, Hesperia Tower has turned the Zen Break concept into a cult session keyed to the wellbeing of its guests. To this end, the hotel has set aside a special area, separated by a folding screen, with two masseurs, dressed in white, who give acupressure massages to groups of 30-100 people. This technique helps energy to flow, unblocking areas of tension produced by different circumstances to which human beings are exposed daily, both physical and psychological. This method tries to restore harmony in the body’s energy through finger pressure on specific points of the anatomy – an experience that develops the art of touch for physical and mental relief.

Thanks to impeccable staging, Hesperia Tower has created an atmosphere that transmits calmness and well-being. Zen also involves the sense of smell through aromatherapy, a technique which uses essential oils, as well as Tibetan incense, to improve physical and mental health. What’s more, the rest and relaxation session is accompanied by Zen music to help guests achieve a full emotional balance.

This is all part of the setting for presenting the Zen break culinary offering, a select range of healthy and energy boosting products which invigorate the mind. From its sublime selection of iced teas, with varieties such as red, green and jasmine, as well as its relaxing range of infusions, skimmed and soya milk, the Zen break includes a range of wholemeal bread and cereals, healthy and energy-boosting savoury products, seasonal fruit kebabs, and chocolate lollipops with 70% cocoa. A veritable kaleidoscope of flavours designed to satisfy body and mind during work breaks, paying homage to the five senses.

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