Discover Cisneros: Toledo’s major winter exhibition

Cisneros, archetype of virtues, mirror for prelates.
Toledo Cathedral (8 Nov 2017-18 Feb 2018)
More than an exhibition, an experience.

The exhibition includes more than 350 exhibits, some of which have never been exhibited before, such as the original decree under which the Jews were expelled from Spain, a portrait of the Emperor Charles V and his wife Isabella of Portugal, and the marvellous tapestry ‘The Astrolabe’.

More than Richelieu in France or Wolsey in England, in Spain Cisneros was a fascinating character, a unique case and mostly unknown.

The Franciscan monk, who became the confessor to the Catholic Queen Isabella, was extraordinarily important at the time. However, his figure and work have remained concealed until now.

Discover with us the most influential scholar, aesthetic and politician in 16th-century Spain; a person who truly deserves to be rediscovered.

At Evocarte, we organize guided tours for groups with art and history experts who will enable you to enjoy a unique exhibition in a space, the Cathedral, that Cisneros himself enhanced and decorated with the latest artistic developments.

Our cultural experiences offer other possibilities: a private tour of the balcony of Queen Isabella, at the time height as the vaults, affording unique views of the Cathedral; a catering service in the domestic annexes; or an exclusive guided tour outside opening hours.