R. Biarnés: "Our rooms are ideal auditoriums for any type of event"

Ramón Biarnés

Cinesa has 40 cinemas in the main Spanish capitals, with almost 500 screens in total

The general director of Cinesa for the South of Europe, Ramon Biarnés, explains to the magazine AGENTTRAVEL, the protocols that have followed for the return of the activity of Cinesa Business.

What safety measures has Cinesa taken for the reopening of the event rooms?
In general, presence in the theatre is closely linked to the general measures of a film exhibition, both in terms of capacity restrictions and in terms of the social distance between attendees. We comply with all state and regional regulations and are even more restrictive in some areas.

In addition to the general measures applied to film screenings, events have some extra special measures. We request a list of attendees to facilitate tracking if necessary. We facilitate the access with assigned seat in spite of being an event and not a cinema session in order to guarantee the social distance between assistants without it entails an extra work for the company that organizes the event. We offer alternatives to conventional catering, with options such as a picnic box in the hall. In addition, we provide specialised advice to the organisation on all matters relating to health, according to the specific characteristics of each event.

How are you adapting to this new normality?

"Anything can happen in our rooms. We do not put limits to our clients' imagination"

At present we know that our facilities are very useful for companies that usually organise their events, conferences or training in smaller spaces, such as hotel rooms or classrooms. Now, due to capacity restrictions in all spaces, they need facilities with a greater capacity. In this sense, we have adapted our services so that companies from non-traditional areas can have what they need in our facilities.

On the other hand, we have also adapted our formats, promoting streaming and hybrid events. Cinesa is part of the ODEON Group, European leader in film exhibition. This allows brands with cross-border convention needs to see enormous potential in our facilities, given that we have the option of holding events that connect different cities in Spain and Europe.

What kind of events can be held in your halls?
In reality, anything is possible in a cinema. From product presentations, press conferences, sectorial or company conventions, trainings, team buildings, etc. And even more private celebrations such as birthdays, family reunions, commemorations or gaming competitions. And even events linked to less usual areas but which are now a reality in our cinemas, such as religious celebrations.

What is the added value that Cinesa offers to the companies that decide to celebrate an event?

"The Business team works side by side with the client companies to address any need"

Personalisation. As we have mentioned, anything can happen in our rooms. And we do not put limits on the imagination of our B2B clients. Cinesa Business is the area of Cinesa specialised in products and services for companies. The Business team works side by side with the client companies to be able to tackle any need, from the most common ones to real challenges. Accompanying the client to cover their needs is, without doubt, one of our keys.

What do companies ask for most?
Private film passes were formerly our most popular product, because companies associated Cinesa with film exhibition. But for some years now, with the enormous work carried out by our Cinesa Business team, we have been able to demonstrate that our cinemas are really ideal auditoriums for any type of event, with the added value of having much better technical (image and sound) and comfort (excellent seats) capabilities than other options such as hotels or classrooms. Moreover, in our cinemas we do not only have the rooms. The entire cinema can be made available to a business client. And, as I mentioned earlier, we now also have the option of connecting several cinemas.

What is your offer and where is it located geographically?
We have 40 cinemas in the main Spanish capitals, with almost 500 screens in total: https://www.cinesa.es/Cines. Moreover, thanks to belonging to the ODEON Group, we can also offer events in Italy, Germany, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland and Norway.

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