Local tourism is growing: 70% of travellers choose to stay in Spain

Turismo de proximidad

The number of travellers who expect to travel from September onwards is two points down on the previous year, according to ObservaTUR

Spanish travellers have preferred to enjoy Spain this summer in view of the global pandemic situation, with 70% opting for this option as opposed to a minority who have decided to travel outside our country, according to the disaggregated data of the seasonal report of the National Observatory of Outbound Tourism (ObservaTUR), which shows that Spanish travellers are more reluctant to take holidays next September.

The majority of Madrid residents (90.2%) have left their territorial borders for other parts of the country, followed by Basque citizens (85.2%), Castilian-Leonese (83.5%) and Castilian-La Mancha (83.4%).

In contrast, the Canaries have made the fewest journeys, with only 25% moving from their community. Half of the Catalans and Andalusians who have travelled have also chosen not to leave their autonomous territories.

Valencians and Galicians are among the national average and seven out of ten have moved their place of residence this summer to take their holidays.

During this holiday period, nationals have mainly sought out destinations that are less crowded and closer to their places of residence, giving greater priority to nature tourism, ecotourism and trips for relaxation and well-being.

National travellers fall in September

The Spanish have preferred to travel this summer in view of the uncertainty of next autumn. Thus, nearly 80% of them say that they have taken their holidays this summer while 15% expect to do so from 1 September, a figure two points lower than last year.

By communities, the Canaries (26.6%) and Andalusia (20.4%) will be the ones who will enjoy their working holidays the most during this period. This percentage is higher than that of Galician (17.5%), Catalan (12.5%) and Madrid (12.1%) citizens.

Only one in ten Basques and Valencians would travel during the coming month. Castilians in general will travel the least in the ninth month of the year.

"As long as there is no medical or pharmacological solution, we at ObservaTUR must insist on the need to support the tourism sector with exceptional measures that will enable us to withstand the dramatic drops in activity that are taking place", said Marcos Franco, founding member of ReiniziaT and ObservaTUR.

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