The great destinations in Spain for travel and corporate events Part 1: BARCELONA

Barcelona destino para viajes y eventos corporativos

Barcelona, one of the favourite destinations for incentives

Between the sea and the mountains, with unique architecture, it is a city that offers everything. It can be said that Barcelona itself is a great experience. As we all know, it is one of the two most important cities in Spain. El Prat Airport is one of the busiest airports in Europe, just 15 minutes from the city centre. On the other hand, its train connections with many cities in Spain and its complete public transport infrastructure make Barcelona a perfect city in terms of connectivity and transport.

It is a city full of contrasts, so you can enjoy 100% of your visit: business, leisure, culture, gastronomy, art, sports, fashion, history, architecture, ocean, mountains, tradition, pioneering, modern, classic, dynamic, quiet city... Walking around Barcelona is a real journey through time.

All the fusion of tradition and innovation that Barcelona has is also transferred to its cuisine. Catalan gastronomy has become the birthplace of many great national chefs, such as Ferran Adrià or the Roca brothers. In terms of quality, variety and diversity of food, it is one of the highest level cities in the world. The number of restaurants in the city is surprising and they are of great quality. And, if we talk about events, the range of spaces where you can enjoy its wonderful cuisine in a personalised way is very wide and can accommodate both small and large groups. What about holding a banquet in a place full of charm and history? Or is it a place with the most advanced facilities to ensure that the meeting is a success?

Barcelona has a wide variety of modern, exclusive, charming, classic, luxury and traditional hotels and venues, which have made this city a great option for business trips for many years now. The space for any event is crucial. It must be an ideal size place (it cannot be too big as it would seem to be half empty) to host the event to be organised. Even the location is very important, it can be in the centre (to avoid a too long transfer) or on the outskirts of the centre (there you can find for example typical and magnificent farmhouses).

Over the years, it has hosted a large number of conferences, congresses and international events that have given it experience in welcoming groups and has allowed it to grow, adapting to all kinds of nationalities. We must add its fantastic climate that allows you to enjoy almost all year round what the city has to offer.

The strengths of the city for all types of events

Gastronomy: Who does not like to discover the local gastronomy when travelling?

The city offers all types of cuisine: Traditional: typical tapas bars in the Gothic quarter and the passeig de gracia (ideal for tapas routes), passing through the fish and noodle restaurants in the port, not forgetting the trendy and modern places that blend in the most typical neighbourhoods with the most chic areas of the city. You can even offer your customers haute cuisine restaurants, Barcelona offers about 30 restaurants with a Michelin star.
You can organize a workshop of fideua or tapas... without forgetting to go to the famous Boqueria district to find some essential ingredients!


Sea or Interiors: Barcelona offers an infinite number of activities depending on the requirements of the event
A regatta can be organised in the Olympic port as a 4x4 route through the hinterland discovering villages, vineyards, mountains
A scavenger hunt in the old town of Barcelona or a beach Olympics in a coastal town
From a team building activity to skiing, playing golf...
From a leisure activity to a guided tour
And much more!

Wines and Sparkling Wines

The surrounding vineyards (the Penedes, the Emporda, the Terra Alta and other areas) of Barcelona are well known for their wines!
Very famous brands of cava like Codorniu who offers cava tasting and allows to organize events in their weddings (of great capacity).
Very famous wineries offer a high quality red and white wine, they also allow tastings and rent their spaces for all kinds of events (gala dinners, presentations, activities)

Folklore and music
The typical music of Barcelona is the sardarna
You can also find the best flamenco shows in the city centre. Foreign groups love
You will find a wide range of artists, from djs to bands playing all kinds of genres...

Its climate, its food, but most importantly its personality, in Barcelona you will understand the true meaning of the word "Mediterranean". Its cosmopolitan and energetic spirit floats in the air and lives in its streets. Walk around its streets and admire the 5 kilometres of Mediterranean beaches that define the city.

Barcelona represents both tradition and the avant-garde and has found a meeting point where it has become one of the most visited destinations in the world. The beach is close by and the magnificence and richness of the city itself has won praise from all over the world. It is consolidated as a travel brand that never disappoints.

Therefore, as mentioned above, Barcelona is one of the world's favourite destinations for both leisure travel and congress and event tourism.