Just married but no wedding – the forgotten couples

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Just married but no wedding – the forgotten couples

A whole year of restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that many newly weds have contracted their legal marriage with the bare minimum of ceremony. No party. No celebration. So what does the future hold for the "just married but no wedding" couples?

A marriage is a legal contract, no ceremony

A marriage and a wedding are actually two different things. The marriage is the purely a legal contract between two people.

  • At the bare minimum it is approximately 40 words plus your names.
  • An entry is made to a register
  • The entry is witnessed by two other people
  • You leave with a certified copy of the entry - your marriage certificate.

There does not have to be any ceremonial celebration or enhancement for a marriage to be legal.

A wedding is a ceremonial celebration

The wedding is the symbolic ceremony that surrounds and enhances the marriage.

  • The wedding ceremony can be religious and take place a church or other place of worship
  • The wedding ceremony can be non-religious and take place wherever you want!
    • At a hotel
    • In the woods
    • On a boat
    • On the beach
    • Up a mountain
    • In a garden

Destination weddings in Spain

Spain is very good at recognising that a marriage and a wedding are different.

Here in Spain you can contract your legal marriage in your home country and then have a symbolic religious ceremony officiated by a church minister

You can also have what is known as a destination wedding in Spain.

A destination wedding is the opportunity to have

  • the wedding ceremony of your dreams
  • in the location of your choice
  • officiated by an independent celebrant in the Spanish sunshine!

Your ceremony can include all of the traditional wording that you are accustomed to hearing at a "marriage" but totally personalised by your own vows and any customs or rituals that are important to you.

Just married but no wedding

This is fabulous news for all of the couples who are just married but have not yet celebrated their wedding!

Reach out now to the wedding planners and suppliers in Spain to find out more about your destination wedding and make your real dream ceremony come true in the Spanish sunshine. You deserve it!


Author: Debbie Skyrme is "Celebrant Spain". Award winning bilingual destination wedding celebrant officiating elopements, vow renewals and wedding ceremonies in the Spanish sunshine.

Featured photo: Ana Marielina Fotografia