Security and transport measures to prevent infection during the holidays


December is coming and we want you to stay safe wherever you go, so we have prepared the security and transport measures you should take to avoid contagion.

December arrives and with it begins the celebrations, gift shopping and meetings with loved ones. If you are thinking of going out in the next few days, you need to take into account the security and transport measures to avoid further contagion at this time.

The hope of returning to normal before COVID-19 is becoming more and more latent on the world stage due to the effectiveness reflected in the different experimental vaccines. This has meant something positive, with services such as tourism rebounding, which has been depressed by the various controls.

Despite the fact that travel and meetings may be on the increase in December, it remains for us to take the necessary measures in the coming days.

Take care when using transport

The coronavirus has taught us to choose different ways to take care of this deadly virus. In Spain, little by little, companies, schools, events and businesses have opened their doors with special schedules and following biosecurity measures and in petit comité, that is, without the regular influx.

Like other sectors, transport services have carried out strict controls to prevent the spread of contagion in the different public media in Spain, which is close to closing the year with 2 million confirmed infections.

Safety and transport tips for the holidays

Transporte público

Before we talk about each specific type of transport and its measures, we will provide you with general advice for a safe journey on these special dates:

✔ You should always check the timetables and routes available in your area, as most of them are not operating normally. There are stations and routes that remain closed during the pandemic as a safety measure.

✔ Wear your mask if you are going to use any form of public transport with other people.

✔ Keep your distance from other users. Both on transport and on entry and exit routes.

✔ Try to touch the surfaces of the toilet as little as possible.

✔ Carry alcohol or a hydroalcoholic gel with you to wash your hands before and after the trip. If you have the option of soap and water it is much better.

✔ The population at risk should avoid going on all kinds of outings, as much as possible. In the case of having to go out they need to keep their distance from others and use the health kit: alcohol, mask, gel, gloves etc.

✔ If you have had contact with a patient with symptoms of COVID-19 or you yourself have symptoms, stay at home and carry out the test before going to any event.

✔ Make payments on self-service machines, avoiding the use of cash, then clean your hands thoroughly.

✔ All types of ingestion are forbidden in the means of transport.

✔ If you are not travelling alone, avoid talking to your companion for the duration of the trip, as this will maintain respiratory safety measures.

✔ Do not answer calls on the way.

✔ Do not travel at peak times. If you do, follow the instructions of the security personnel, who will avoid crowding on public transport.

✔ If you can make the journey on foot, it is much better. Just remember to keep your distance and put on your mask.

1. Measurements in Personal Vehicles

Going out with a personal vehicle is the best security alternative you can have at parties along with walking to the sites. Whether on a bike or in a car, the responsibility for maintaining the necessary hygiene falls on the owner of the means of transport.

For this reason, always have your sanitary kit with you when you get off or get on the transport again. This way, when you arrive or return from your destination you will be ready to protect yourself and others.

2. Alternative Transport Measures

Medidas del Transporte Alternativo

When you choose alternative transport such as car rental, car pool or even ordering a taxi, the general conditions are practically the same as the general measures mentioned above. Only that in each one there are certain details that you don't need to forget during the journey.

If you rent a car for transportation during the holidays, make sure that the rental company complies with the necessary hygiene standards for vehicle maintenance before you rent it.

In case of ordering a taxi service, it is the same as with the rental company, since the driver needs to comply with safety measures by wearing a mask during the trip.

Likewise, you may not remove your mask for the entire duration of the trip. And if you are travelling with other people, keep your distance and you should only take a minimum of 2 to 3 people depending on the size of the car.

3. Measures for Public Transport

You might think that public transport is a riskier source of contagion than the other means mentioned, but this is not the case. Every transport or departure means a danger, if you don't take the right safety measures.

The difference with public transport is that control lies with both the passenger and the assigned safety equipment, which prevents crowding on buses and in metro stations.

They are also vigilant about the use of masks, since if they are not used, the passenger is fined because there is a high risk of not wearing them in those spaces.

Final recommendations

These safety standards will be maintained on the December dates. The protection teams are aware that on these dates people will be more mobile, whether for a shopping trip or to go out for some wine or tapas in a bar.

Remember that the coronavirus has not left our lives. That is why it is up to all of us to protect ourselves in all the services that are used, not only in the means of transport, especially if we want to celebrate to welcome the new year.