Uniques pianos with Acceptus. Art with 88 keys.


What moves humans ?

The answer is clear: the feelings and emotion. Sometimes interpreted as synonyms, they are not exactly the same.

The fundamental difference between emotion and feelings is that the first is totally basic, primitive and one-way (in the sense that it is something that automatically appears when an stimulus occurs) while the feeling includes the ability to think and reflect consciously about what it feels and, therfore, has to do with the ability to think in abstract and symbolic terms.

With excitement but also with feelings we work and create in Acceptus and we do it with 88 keys.

The piano is an inexhaustible source of possibilities that take us on an emotional journey and with feelings.

Music should not be missing in an event. And ours is music that excites and makes us think, dream an imagine.

We imagine together with emotion?

#SingularEvents #WithEmotion

Acceptus is manager or internacional pianists in Spain. We create exclusive productions for eventos.

Do you dare to excite you with us?

’MI ABUELA CARMEN (My grandmother Carmen) ’