Industrias Creativas & Co. Launched with the Aim of Reinforcing Creative and Cultural Industries


In times of crisis, the most important challenge facing the public administration is finding ways of revitalizing local industry by stimulating the creation of companies and jobs. The creative and cultural industries are an alternative to the traditional ones, for which reason they are poised to play an important role in the search for new model of production.

Industrias Creativas & Co. is an organization created with the aim of reinforcing the development of these emerging industries. The first consultancy firm of its kind in Andalusia, the company specializes in the “creativity economy”, using a proven international methodology. The services provided by this new company, which are keyed to the public and private sectors, include the following:
1. Carrying out market research and surveys to identify the growth model that is best adapted to the industry’s geographical area.
2. Actions (seminars) aimed at articulating and vitalizing the industry, including consulting on how to develop creative clusters in the area in question.
3. Training workshops and seminars keyed to identifying creative talent and business initiatives in the area in question.
4. Lending support to local and innovative development initiatives keyed to business development and creation; from the conceptual design to the technical execution of the project, including the transfer of knowledge and know-how to the company’s technicians.
5. Finding for co-financing for projects through community programmes and/or private sources (sponsorship). This service includes budget building and submission to community programmes, such as the Culture Programme 2007-2012, Leonardo Da Vinci, etc.

Over the last few years, there has been growing interest in the relationship between creativity, culture and economy, which is behind the emerging concept of “creativity economy”.

The creative industries constitute a extensive and heterogeneous field combining an endless number of creative activities, from traditional handicrafts, music, historic heritage (museums), books, performing and plastic arts to services with a high technological content, such as cinema, television, radio and the “new media”, including the Internet, video games and graphic design.

One of the peculiarities of the industry is the fact that it comprises a network of companies, micro-companies and freelancers, with little or no managerial training and a lack of internationalization. All of which makes it harder for them to consolidate their activities and obtain financing for their projects.

In addition, it has been shown that the creative industries have induced effects on other industries and sectors of the economy, above all on tourism and the new information and communication technologies.

In short, the aim of Industrias Creativas & Co. is to become a vitalizing and articulating force for the local economy, as well as optimizing opportunities, identifying new niches, and generating sustainable employment.