El Greco 2014: Art and Wineries


This year marks the commemoration of the 4th centenary of the death of El Greco. A large collection of the painter’s works from all the over the world will be shown in several exhibitions, offering art lovers an excellent opportunity to view them.

Iberoteam is currently helping to design to important exhibitions scheduled to be held this year, with the aim of showcasing Spain’s present and past capitals, combining art with winery tours and wine tasting: Toledo spring 2014 and Madrid summer and autumn 2014.

The Greek of Toledo: the Santa Cruz Museum (Toledo) from 14 March-14 June

More than 100 works of El Greco will be on show at the largest ever exhibition of the painter, thanks to pictures loaned by the world’s chief museums and private collections: the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York); the National Gallery (Washington); the Louvre (Paris), the Estense Gallery (Modena); the National Gallery of Antique Art in the Palazzo Barberini (Rome), the State Hermitage Museum (St Petersburg), and the National Gallery (London).

El Greco and modern painting: the Prado Museum (Madrid) from 24 June-5 October

This exhibition will focus on the importance that the rediscovery of the figure of El Greco had for 19th and 20th century art. Twenty-five masterpieces by the Cretian-born painter, together with 70 modern painting, will cover the influence of El Greco on 19th century painters, such as Manet and Cézanne, followed by Picasso and cubism, the Central European expressionists Kokoschka and Beckmann, and surrealism. The exhibition will also feature works by artists such as Bacon, Giacometti and Saura.

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The 4th centenary of the death of El Greco