Eikonos in the Vuelta Ciclista a España 2016


To promote healthy living, Campofrío’s Cuida T+ carried out a marketing action in the different cities through which the Vuelta a España 2016 passed.

For the fourth year running, Vuelta a España 2016 commissioned Eikonos, with its A/V services and equipment, to carry out the action, allowing the passers-by to watch the cycling action thanks to its new LED display trailer, while promoting healthy living.

Live coverage of the Vuelta
Eikonos’ latest acquisition, a LED display trailer, allowed the inhabitants of 21 cities to watch the Spanish road race live.

This bespoke trailer is equipped with the latest in technology and features a 4mm outdoor LED display. Furthermore, the exterior can be customized with vinyl, as can be seen in the photo below.

Eikonos in the Vuelta Ciclista a España 2016

Promoting healthy living by means of an interactive app
Cuida T+’s marquee, erected next to the LED display trailer, featured a 4mm LED display and four bicycles.

Four cyclists competed during 30 seconds to see who could pedal the fastest in order to obtain a gift. To identify the winner, four cylinders appeared on the LED display, corresponding to each competitor, which gradually filled us as they pedalled.

In short, this app comprises a number of sensors that transmitted a signal to the processor transmitting the data when the competitor pedalled.

Each road show had to be unique, designed especially for a product or range of products, with all the necessary A/V equipment to get the message across. If you want to create experiences, you can count on the recommendations and help of Eikonos.