Eikonos participates in museumization of Casa dels Mosaics in Empúrias


After its rehabilitation and museumization, forming part of the programme ’Patrimoni en Acció’ promoted by the Department of Culture and Social Projects of LaCaixa, the Casa dels Mosaics, the Archeological Museum of Catalonia in Empúries, opened last March.

The Casa dels Mosaics is one of the best conserved domus of the Roman archaeological site due to its size and its original mosaics.

With the recuperation and adaptation of the cryptoporticus of thedomus, an underground area located under the main garden of this great Roman house, it has been opened to the public for the first time.

The Catalan Cultural Heritage Agency commissioned Eikonos to install the A/V equipment in order that visitors can become familiar with life in a great Roman domus through the explanations of its ancient inhabitants.

Eikonos’ participation consisted in advising the client on the best audiovisual solution for transmitting the message using a character of the era, that is, the creative idea. The firm also handled engineering and automation aspects via Creston with the supply and installation of the A/V equipment.

The original idea has resulted in a Roman character, specifically the owner of the Casa dels Mosaics, who accompanies visitors along the cryptoporticus by means of a 21m projection controlled with the Watchout V6 system. During the tour, the virtual owner explains to visitors what the house was used for.

After this spectacular and dynamic projection, there are three additional screenings with videos showing 3D reconstructions of the house, in which real characters appear (one in dual projection) in different areas of the cryptoporticus, explaining the structure of the Roman city and that of the different phases of the domus.

To this end, Eikonos created a team of programmers and scriptwriters in order to flesh out the idea of screening images on the original Roman walls.

The installation of the A/V equipment was done in such a way as to respect the original architecture of the domus by reducing its visual impact.

The client was delighted with the results of this project. Both the press reviews and the opinion of the staff at the Archeological Museum of Catalonia have been very positive.