Eikonos at 1-O International Press and Broadcasting Centre

The Mediapro Group set up an international press centre to cover the 1-O. Located in the group’s Barcelona headquarters, it functioned around the clock from Friday, 29 September, to Monday, 2 October.

The International Press and Broadcasting Centre (IPBC) was made available to political parties and institutions to assess the events of 1 October.

Media representatives were provided with workspaces with Internet connections and the wherewithal for live broadcasting, as well as space to for assembling sets, editing rooms and technical equipment.

The audiovisual service firm Eikonos collaborated in this project by supplying and installing LED displays and a sound system in the main room, providing all the media with video and audio signals, and offering technical support.

Mediapro is convinced that good staging not only frames the work in which it is developed, but can also enhance it, thus helping to get the message across. For this reason, it understood that LED displays were the best solution for the IPBC in order to ensure the reliability and quality of the sound and lighting equipment.