2016: reaching cruising speed after recuperating historical all-time highs

Self-financing has been boosted and the EBITDA margin has broken previous records.

Kursaal had an exceptional year in 2016, recuperating all-time highs with a 13% growth in turnover with respect to 2015, the EBITDA margin breaking previous records, and obtaining a cash budget surplus of €875,985, representing a 74% year-on-year increase.

This record performance is based on a substantial increase in activity, with in the number of events hosted reaching the 297 mark, representing a 23% increase.

Last year was one of the best as regards congresses as to both turnover (a 27% increase) and the number of events hosted. The trade show segment also grew substantially, 2016 being the third best year to date, with a 98% increase in sales. Furthermore, Kursaal hosted a record number of cultural events (145), representing a 22% year-on-year increase.

As has been the case since opening in 1999, it is important to remember Kursaal’s self-sufficiency, since, for the 18th year in row, it has not required any injection of public funds by the centre’s two stakeholders: Donostia-San Sebastian City Council and the Gipuzkoa provincial government.

Last year, the activities of Kursaal generated an economic impact of €48 million for San Sebastian and Gipuzkoa.