Danza del Vientre - Nahid Najla
Bellydancing, Arab dancing and dance fusion for events

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C/ Tejeros, 8
29013 Málaga Málaga

Nahid Najla offers shows and performances revolving around Arab dancing and dance fusion, performed by a soloist or a dance troupe.

The Nahid Najla Ballet performes Arab dances: classical, modern, oriental pop, folk (Saïdi, Balady, Melaya Laff, Halishi, Zaar, finger cymbals, Tunisian, Persian, whirling Dervishe and Sufí, etc.), fantasies (sables, veils, candles, candlesticks, Pharaonic- Egyptian, etc.), and fusion (Al Andalus, Turkish, Bellynesian, oriental-tango, bellysamba, tribal, etc.).

Performances last from 20-50 minutes, and shows, from 60-90 minutes.

Rates depend on the length of the performance, the number of dancers and the venue’s location

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