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wedding venue in Spain

What do you look for when visiting a wedding venue? How can you compare wedding venues? Here is the best advice for booking your wedding venue in Spain with the questions every destination wedding couple needs to ask.

Before you book your wedding venue in Spain

There are so many wonderful wedding venues in Spain, so before you book your wedding venue visit, there are some important considerations.

  • What part of Spain?
    • Spain is a big country!
    • Every region of Spain has its own unique characteristics and every province has its own vibe.
    • Galicia in the north west is very different to Andalucia in southern Spain for example.
  • What time of year?
    • Summer in the inland city of Cordoba can often exceed 40 degrees in the shade whereas a wedding in the height of Summer in the northerly coastal town of Bilbao can be very pleasant.
    • Andalucia boasts 320 days of sunshine a year and the micro climate of the coast of Granada probably has the longest wedding season of all.
    • Spring and Autumn destination weddings in southern Spain are very popular

Wedding venue options in Spain

Now you know what region of Spain and what time of year you want your wedding, you can begin to narrow down the options.

  • Guest accommodation
    • Is guest accommodation important?
    • Do you want to offer your guests accommodation near to the venue?
    • Do you want your venue to accommodate as many of your guests as possible?
  • Food and catering
    • Are you happy to go with the in-house caterer?
    • Do you want to employ your own caterer?
    • How flexible are the caterer’s menus?
    • Do you want a more informal wedding and do the food yourself?
  • Accessibility
    • How easy is it to find the venue? Spanish fincas are beautiful, but may be difficult to find in the mountains.
    • If your guests are arriving in coaches, how easy is it for large buses to access the venue?
    • Parking is a big consideration in the height of summer for popular beach wedding venues
    • Disabled access for guests with mobility problems is an important question.

Wedding ceremony location

When you are walking around your venue, look at all of the options for your wedding ceremony

  • Where will you get the best photos? Consult your wedding photographer for advice.
  • Where will the sun be at the time of your ceremony –  on the one hand you don’t want the wedding couple to be squinting  but on the other hand your photographer won’t want to be shooting into the bright sun. Is it worth changing the TIME of your ceremony?
  • Is there enough shade for your guests?
  • Is there a Plan B in case of bad weather?

Talk to an experienced wedding planner or wedding celebrant who have worked at a variety of wedding venue locations and can advise you what to look for.

Organising your wedding in Spain

Are you going to organise all of your wedding in Spain yourself? Remember on the actual day of your wedding you do not want to be putting fresh flowers out moments before your ceremony or solving problems throughout the day!

  • Do you want a wedding planner to take over what you have organised as your event coordinator on your wedding day?
  • Does your venue offer an event coordinator included in the wedding price?
  • Do you want to employ a wedding planner to help you find the best wedding venue and the perfect wedding suppliers and ensure your wedding day is organised exactly how you want it?


Author bio: Debbie Skyrme is "Celebrant Spain".  Award winning bilingual destination wedding celebrant officiating elopements, vow renewals and wedding ceremonies in the Spanish sunshine.

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