Meet at a Bull Farm and Feel Like a Real Torero


During the 17th century the Romero family, a bullfighter dynasty from Ronda, bonded the name of this city to the art of bullfighting. At this bull farm, only a few minutes away from Ronda, visitors can observe within a short distance all the stages of fighting bull breeding and selection, while it also offers the chance to get to know the breeding of purebred Andalusian horses, closely linked to the bull world and Ronda.

Besides the meeting and visit, there is also the possibility of partaking in a typical Andalusian country-style lunch at the facilities of the bull farm and, if desired, participants can take part in a so-called "capea," a bullfighting demonstration with a young bull without any bloodshed where they can also participate and feel like a real bullfighter!

Meet at a bull farm and feel like a real torero