Madrid will host the gala presentation of the Michelin Guide Spain and Portugal 2021


The gala will take place on November 30

Madrid has a tourist attraction and a gastronomic panorama that, by themselves, justify its election, for the third time, as the city for the gala presentation of the Michelin Guide Spain & Portugal 2021. The capital was already the setting for the presentation of the Guide in 2010, on the occasion of its centenary; and later also in 2013.

In November 2019, the island of Gran Canaria experienced a desired moment, since after many years in the dark it once again entered the Olympics of the Michelin Stars, and even more so thanks to the stars achieved by the restaurants Aquarela and Los Guayres, both in the municipality of Mogán. Not to be forgotten are the four new BIB Gourmand restaurants that joined the three already existing on the island and which served as recognition of the gastronomic progress that the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has been making in recent years. In total the Canary Islands have eight Michelin stars that will fight to revalidate their condition in a year as hard as the current one, but without a doubt we must raise this recognition to all the restaurants present in the red guide, which hopefully will continue to see establishments on the islands that are in line to continue joining in the guide in any category. For getting wet, the best of luck to places like Majuga, El Silbo Gomero, Hestia, Cuerno Cabra, Neodimio60, Sarang or Qapaq, which deserve by their own merits to appear in it. We cannot and do not want to forget the other Canarian restaurant that won its more than deserved award, Gofio, which is based in the capital of Spain and continues to be a reference point for the new Canarian cuisine around the world.

At this exclusive event, which will take place on 30 November, all the new features of the most eagerly awaited publication of the year will be revealed, with a selection that is only possible thanks to the intense work carried out by the Michelin inspection team. This guide, whose first edition for Spain and Portugal was launched in 1910, just ten years after its first publication in France, continues to evolve over the years so that, together with the safety and performance of Michelin tyres, it remains the indispensable travel companion when it comes to offering travellers the most complete experience.

A melting pot of origins and cultures, Madrid is much more than its monuments or magnificent museums. The Madrid region, which received a total of 7.6 million foreign tourists in 2019, breaks records year after year and remains at the top of the ranking in terms of international tourism growth in Spain. Tourists visiting the capital enjoy the rich historical and artistic heritage of a cosmopolitan and vital city, modern and yet classic, which welcomes them with open arms. Those who have not had the chance to admire its bright blue skies, stroll through the narrow streets of one of the most important old towns in Europe, experience the permanent animation of the Gran Vía and Madrid's nightlife, will not have a real idea of how much the city has to offer, even though they have heard the famous saying "From Madrid to Heaven" a phrase often used to refer to Madrid as a charming, lively city full of personality.

The gastronomic panorama that Madrid offers also treasures a variety capable of satisfying the most demanding palates. Traditionally known for its tapas bars and inns, the city has seen, however, how haute cuisine has acquired a surprising development in recent times. Delicious international cuisines from exotic and not so exotic countries, as well as cuisines from all the Autonomous Communities of Spain are represented in this rich gastronomic horizon that has become one of the most important attractions of the capital and a differentiating element when it comes to attracting travellers. Among the 106 establishments selected by the 2020 edition of the Guide in the Community of Madrid, 24 restaurants with Michelin Stars and 18 with the distinction Bib Gourmand are included.

The Mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, stresses the importance of this event being held in the capital of Spain, at the same time as he underlines the city's values: "It is an honour for Madrid to host the Gala Presentation of the Michelin Guide to Spain & Portugal for the third time. The choice is a consequence of the city's and its hotel and catering sector's commitment to quality cuisine; not in vain is one of Madrid's greatest attractions. Our offer is heterogeneous, of quality and in constant transformation. Madrid has more than 3,000 places where you can enjoy an endless variety of cuisine, from traditional, centuries-old bars to modern establishments, from tapas bars to traditional markets, from alternative spaces to restaurants run by renowned chefs. All contribute to positioning Madrid as one of the world's top destinations for restaurants".

Martínez-Almeida also refers to the importance of supporting the gastronomic sector in order to contribute to a rapid recovery: "All these businesses are now going through difficult times, so from the City Council we must support any initiative that contributes to its reactivation and the tourist, cultural and economic boost of Madrid. The Gala to present the Michelin Guide is the national gastronomy event par excellence and its celebration in our city, together with other initiatives with gastronomy also as a protagonist, will make Madrid the world capital of gastronomy during the last semester of 2020 and 2021".

For her part, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, President of the Community of Madrid, declares: "We celebrate the choice of Madrid as the place to present the Michelin Guide Spain & Portugal 2021, which corroborates our international reference in gastronomy and that of our local products, together with the best ambassadors: our chefs. The Community of Madrid supports this event with which we can also promote gastronomic tourism, which is key for the local tourism and for the nearly 8 million people who visit us every year".

The General Manager of Michelin Spain Portugal, Mª Paz Robina, highlights the difficulty the sector is facing: "At Michelin we are aware of the difficult times facing the tourism and catering sector in Spain and Portugal, which is being hit hardest by this health and economic crisis. A sector that is not only one of the economic engines of our country, but is also synonymous with cultural and social wealth, forming part of our identity. Our wish is that normality returns as quickly and safely as possible and that customers around the world will once again enjoy the great talent of our chefs. Haute cuisine gives prestige and helps to improve the tourism model".

Mª Paz Robina also shows Michelin's support for the sector in overcoming a social crisis to which restaurateurs and chefs have responded by demonstrating their commitment, effort and capacity for innovation: "Meanwhile, we want to show our support and stand by our restaurateurs, chefs and hoteliers by giving them, once again, the national and international visibility they deserve. This is the best way to promote our culinary culture and help to activate consumption. In an innovative ceremony, which will be adapted to the situation of the moment prioritizing the safety of all, as Michelin has done in all its actions since the beginning of the crisis, we will ensure that, in such an atypical year, the Michelin Stars shine more brightly than ever, this time in the skies over Madrid".

For his part, the International Director of the Michelin Guides, Gwendal Poullennec, explains Michelin's commitment to quality tourism and gastronomy as a pillar in the company's strategy when it comes to offering users unique experiences: "The Michelin Guide's raison is to recommend restaurants that are the soul of our cities and communities. In this difficult and unprecedented situation, our mission is to reconnect diners with restaurants. Our selections will be equitable and consistent by 2021. We will leverage our websites and digital services. There is no reason to worry, the Michelin Stars, as well as all of our awards, will mean the same thing in 2021, as they always have.

From Por Fogones y Canarias we wish all the restaurants in Spain and Portugal good luck in this year 2020, just being open they already have the greatest respect and support. On November 30th of this year it will be an honour for us to be able to tell from the centre of the news in Madrid the news of a guide that has an enormous challenge this year as it is to recognise the work of the hotel and catering industry in such complicated times. We will give an account of all this on these pages and also through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram under the nicknames of @alahoradecomer and @porfogones