How to style a beach wedding in Spain

beach weading in Spain

You've decided on a destination wedding in Spain with its’ glorious beaches, fabulous weather, easy access for your guests and affordable prices. You have your Pinterest mood board and tons of ideas to personalise your special day in the Spanish sunshine, all you need to do now is make the vision of your dream beach wedding a reality. But how?!

How do you style a beach wedding in Spain?

To get the best suppliers at the best prices for the best quality you really need a local contact at your dream destination wedding location. Someone you trust who can point you in the right direction for everything you need to style a beach wedding.

This might be

  • someone who you know who lives locally and speaks the language (super important otherwise your choices will be limited to English speakers)
  • a local professional wedding planner or event coordinator
  • a personally recommended photographer, celebrant or other supplier who can in turn recommend trusted colleagues

Beach wedding crafts

Crafts for your beach wedding in Spain should include:

  • wedding signage and banners
  • chair, aisle and altar dressings
  • wedding bower and table decorations
  • personalised place settings, glasses, hangars
  • children's games and books
  • wedding favours and guests' gifts

There are so many ways to DIY personalise your wedding. A quick Google search will start you off on tons of crafting ideas.

Huge top tip when sourcing products and wedding crafts is to remember that if you make or buy anything before travelling to your destination wedding location, then you will have to pack it and may end up paying excess on your suitcase allowance. Buying locally may work out to be much cheaper and less stressful in the long run.

Beach wedding comfort

I officiate many beach wedding ceremonies in Spain and in summer the temperatures at midday can be unbearably hot in full sunshine. In addition to offering your guests some shade during the ceremony, there are some awesome gifts you can offer them that will personalise your wedding and make it memorable for all of the right reasons.

  • Flip flops - high heels are just not practical on the sand and bare feet will burn!
  • Soft paint brushes - to gently brush away unwanted sand
  • Bottles of water under every chair - essential!
  • Panama straw hats - stylish for guys and girls alike.
  • Paper parasols - take your own shade with you!
  • Fans - create your own gentle breeze

With a little bit of imagination and very little expense, these items can be personalised to make your perfect beach wedding extra special.

Food bars and activity stations

They say you can't please all of the people all of the time, but "stations" mean your guests can pick and choose and will go a long way to making everyone happy - which is what you want, right?

Children especially love "stations"

  • Bubble barrel with plenty of soapy liquid and different sized wands - bubbles create some great photo opportunities too!
  • Children's cocktail station with different juices and fruits to mix with fizzy water
  • Chill-out play zone with activities - and someone to help the kids do those activities is worth their weight in gold

Food bars allow your guests to pick and choose what they eat

  • Canapes
  • Cold meat plates
  • Mixed cheese boards
  • Salad bar
  • Breads, crisps, dried fruits and nuts
  • Donut bar
  • Chocolate fountain with assorted marshmallows, fruits and biscuits to dip

Finally, why not complete your perfect beach wedding in Spain with your very own cocktail named after your new chosen married name? “Salud!”


Author bio: Debbie Skyrme is Celebrant Spain helping destination wedding couples in Spain by officiating dream ceremonies in the Spanish sunshine.

Featured photo: Natasha Ince