EventsCase Lands £3.5 Million to Accelerate Growth of Virtual and Hybrid Solutions


EventsCase, the leading all-in-one event management platform, has raised £3.5 million in Series A funds after enjoying rapid success with a suite of tools for running virtual and hybrid events.

The backing comes from a mix of new and existing investors, including Haibun Partners and Neil MacDougall, Chairman of the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association, and will help to establish the London-headquartered company as Europe’s leading event tech provider.

Founded in 2012, EventsCase makes it easy for organisers to launch and manage events of all sizes, offering tools for building websites and apps, attendee registration, networking, email marketing and gamification through a single platform. After COVID-19 brought a sudden drop in sales due to the limitations on physical gatherings, EventsCase managed to diversify its core business by quickly introducing a host of new features for running virtual events.

Through options for live streaming, hosting content on-demand as well as group and individual video networking, the company now engages tens of thousands of digital attendees every month and has put itself on course for an impressive 100% growth year on year.

The latest funding round saw investors praising EventsCase for its ability to adapt and even grow amid the unplugging of entire revenue streams. The company is now poised to capitalise on the evolution of hybrid events, where audiences are given the option of attending in-person or online.

Jose Bort, Co-Founder and CEO of EventsCase, said: “From seeing 75% of our sales vanish in the 10 weeks leading up to April, it’s amazing to think that we’re now in a better position than we were pre-COVID.

“This year has brought no end of challenges, but we’ve emerged stronger, with greater capacities and in a more competitive position. Our Series A funds will help us become Europe’s largest event management technology, helping us engage 100,000 attendees on the platform and a further one million accessing live streams.”

Hiring and tech development represent two of the biggest focuses for EventsCase going forward as it looks to meet the current levels of demand for virtual solutions. Much of the new talent will be situated at the company’s tech hubs in Barcelona, Madrid and Castellon de la Plana, with others based at its offices in New York, Dubai and London.

About EventsCase
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