Es.Cultura Eventos is consolidated in Valencia and opens new offices.


The producer of creative programs, that works for all the national territory, reinforces its facilities and services in the Valencian capital forging agreements with the fallero guild.

With the double objective of "producing more and better" and due to the greater demand for creative productions in Valencia, Es.Cultura Eventos opens new facilities in the heart of Ciudad Fallera. Thus, the company will provide its workers with greater comfort when producing new projects and consolidates its products offering more quality to its customers.

Mar Rubio, responsible for the Valencian delegation, says that "Es.Cultura has been able to energize Ciudad Fallera, organizing on numerous occasions and for several hundred people workshops of ninots", the Exclusive Valencia product of the company.

From now on, the production team has the advantage of sharing facilities with the best fallero masters in the city. In addition, Es.Cultura is forging a collaboration agreement with the fallero guild, which will help preserve Valencian traditions and strengthen them to become references within the MICE environment.