The importance of good audiovisual production

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More than proven. Audiovisual resources have been key in this pandemic. First as resources to "distract" minds but quickly as important tools for promotion and dissemination. But beware, not everything goes.

We are living in times in which anyone with a mobile phone records, edits, publishes and shares. Sometimes with success but most of the time without the quality, professionalism, experience or rigour that the production deserves. Not everything is valid.
With historical rigour. But also with all the sensitivity that the artistic work deserved. This is how we worked at Acceptus Producciones for 3 years to immortalise the life and work of the sculptor, teacher, professor and academic of Fine Arts, Mr Antonio Gavira Alba. A feature film that tells the living history of the last 90 years of part and art of Andalusia; the story of an artist who has been the greatest figure of Mediterranean Classicism in Spain.
And so, yes. In this way, that which must be shared, disseminated and which must remain as a historical, artistic and cultural legacy is immortalised.

On 8 October we celebrated one year since the premiere of "Antonio Gavira Alba. Mediterranean Spirit". Just three days later, Gavira died. But his life and his art have been immortalised.

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