How can event staff improve your brand image?


In the business world, the field of communication has acquired an extraordinary relevance. Competitiveness is increasing every day and this has forced companies to invest in aspects that help to gain visibility and help to strengthen the position of a brand in the market. The strategies are multiple: advertising in media, content marketing, publications in social networks, sponsorships ... but one of the activities that offers more projection is the organization of events. Any public event that is capable of arousing interest will have repercussion in the media and will serve to strengthen the brand image.

The success or failure of an event or call depends on multiple factors and one of the most important is the event staff. We are talking about that group of people who take care of everything, from assemblers, transporters and computer specialists to the group of professionals who take care of the public.

Choosing the right staff is not a secondary matter; it is a fundamental element. All the work prior to an activity can go to waste if the team does not respond in the right way, so it is important to turn to experts. Agencies such as Ego provide companies with a competent team that allows them to face events with peace of mind and guarantees. The agency Ego has organized successful events for companies such as Sony, Ikea, Heineken or Gaes.

Importance of the team

How does an event's staff influence the brand image? The influence is direct, because it is the most visible part of the organizational structure. The implementation of an event or call, carries behind an arduous task of planning that leads to the day D. At that moment, all the efforts must converge in a common objective, and the smallest deviation can have consequences.

Imagine, for example, that those in charge of setting up stands do not finish their work on time; the company image will suffer because all those present will blame the setback on a bad organisation. The same thing would happen if the cleaning were insufficient, if the internet did not work or if the catering arrived late; these are details that lower the score and at the end of the chain of responsibilities will always be the brand.

One aspect that has a special relevance is that of event hostesses. They are the people who attend directly to the public and become the visible face of the company. Hence the importance of having an agency that provides professional hostesses, who provide presence and know how to fulfill their mission with the utmost rigor. The same applies to waiters or cleaning staff; poor service or an unprofessional attitude will harm the agency that provides them and, therefore, also the organizing company.

Event staff: who composes it?

There is an enormous typology of events: conferences, congresses, fairs, competitions, product tastings... and each one will have its own needs. That's why it's important to have good communication between businessmen and agencies, which allows you to organize events to measure and with the most appropriate staff in each case.

As a general rule, corporate events have the following specialized staff:

Hostesses: are responsible for promoting the sale of the product and also offer organizational support. There are three types of hostesses for events: commercial, image and high image. The latter are usually associated with VIP events, events related to the engine or night calls.

Animators: are those who bring fun to the events. Depending on the type of event, we can find singers, clowns, magicians, monologues, mimes, storytellers, etc..

Point of sale (POS) promoters and managers: they are the ones most directly in charge of marketing the products. Together with the event hostesses, they are the people who will most help to reform the brand image. That's why there are companies that put a lot of emphasis on the aesthetic aspect and the good treatment towards the client.

Waiters: in any type of event we are going to find personnel serving drinks or distributing some cooked dish. The event agencies provide waiters of bar, tray, recogevasos, maîtres and even experts in slicing ham. Image waiters can also be hired, who combine professionalism with an attractive physical appearance.

Gogós: these are professionals who enter the field of animation. In general, they are young people of both sexes who wear the client's logo on their clothing.

Special staff: this section includes all the professionals who are not in front of the public, but who develop essential functions for the development of certain events. We speak for example of assemblers, drivers, transporters, security personnel, cleaning, etc..
These are the most common related functions