Summer is the best time to launch direct marketing campaigns

The streets, beaches, and shopping centres are perfect places for marketing different products.

The summer is the perfect time to launch marketing and advertising campaigns, since the good weather allows for outdoor stunts and actions. For many brands, it is the best time of the year to increase the sales of certain products with the launching of different types of marketing campaigns. These campaigns are very profitable for brands that want to market seasonal products, such as sun cream, ice cream, trips, or refreshing drinks. ‘The summer is doubtless one of the best moments for launching marketing campaigns, since potential clients are much more receptive,’ says Mónika Blasco, director of the event staff, PR, and protocol firm Market Development.

And this is when street marketing takes central stage, with specific actions carried out on streets, beaches, or in shopping centre to capture the public’s attention. With these activities, brands gain visibility and engage a larger number of potential clients, thus penetrating new market niches.

Another popular technique at this time of year is field marketing, namely, actions that directly connect with people’s emotions in campaigns involving different event and promotional staff. These directly engage consumers, creating favourable conditions for the message’s reception, frequently by means of handing out free samples of different products in busy places, such as beaches and shopping centre. ‘At market development, we have specialized staff for all types of points of sale actions. Our staff members are the perfect choice for any type of marketing campaign, such as product launches, always showing brands in their best light, since they are highly experienced,’ says the director of Market Development.