SOLFESA Collaborates with Budimusic in Madrid and Barcelona Presentation of New Jean Paul Gaultier Fragrance


Kokorico is the new fragrance for men that the French designer presented in Spain last February, specifically in Madrid and Barcelona, at the Sutton discotheque and the Shoko, respectively, two modern and stylish venues.

For the presentation of the new fragrance, Solfesa collaborated with Budimusic, providing a flamenco trio to entertain the guests attending the event.

Kokorico, the French onomatopoeia equivalent to the English "cock-a-doddle-do" is daring like all of Jean Paul Gaultier’s fragrances, but this time designed for seductive, self-confident, "cock of the roost" men. Based on this concept, Gaultier chose Jon Kortajarena as the face of the campaign, representing that powerful cockerel wearing a feathered costume in the best Gaultier style, and dancing flamenco to the rhythm of two female percussionists.

The presentation of Jean Paul Gaultier’s new fragrance en Madrid and Barcelona

The flamenco trio performing at the event was made up of a female percussionist playing a rhythm box, a guitarist and a male dancer. The group’s aim was to reinforce the perfume’s concept, with the rhythmic intensity of percussion, guitar and flamenco dancing. The high point of the event was when, at the end of the performance, the fragrance’s official spot was screened while the flamenco dancer copied Kortajarena’s steps.