Shure’s Axient Wireless Microphone System Ensures Reliable and Seamless Sound


In its quest to always provide services with value added, Dushow is the first company to use this system in Spain.

One of the most agile wireless microphone systems is now available in Spain. Axient is the first wireless microphone system that does not only detect interference, but also avoids it by automatically changing frequencies, undetected by the user, resulting in unparalleled reliability and the certainty that inference will not ruin the show.

Dushow is the first company to offer this system in Spain: "Our firm always strives to offer services with value added," said Riad El Abed, manager and technical chief at Dushow Barcelona. "Many events call for top-level wireless transmissions; for instance, at Fira de Barcelona, where we use the Axient system at the Mobile World Congress. It’s a demanding venue for deploying wireless systems, due to the large amount of transmissions. It’s yet another way of ensuring our clients a seamless service".

Another important feature of Axient’s wireless microphone system is its cutting-edge advanced power management capabilities, with a rechargeable power system that also allows users to track battery health and remaining power.

Innovation, reliability, professionalism, exclusivity… the ticket to success!

Shure’s Axient wireless microphone system