SevillaVenues: a great addition for the MICE industry

Atril is more than just an ordinary company that organizes congresses and any other business-related events. Together with the Tourist Office of Seville, Atril has set up; a website that offers a wide range of unique locations throughout Seville suited to all kind of events.

With extensive and detailed descriptions of the venues, offers a clear overview of each unequalled location. Next to that, the website depicts all information needed for events at a glance, such as the technical specifications, accessibility and the maximum amount of people possible. In addition, ready-to-use visuals and set up plans are already given and so that you do not have to worry about that anymore. A photo gallery is present to give an impression of the beautiful surroundings around each venue.

To get an idea of the different venues, take a look at or watch the clip on our YouTube channel.

Seville, the city and the river (Part 1) Tourism

Because of the great success in Seville, SevillaVenues has already made presentations in Barcelona and Madrid to promote the concept. Both successful presentations organized by Atril Events with a lot of positive feedback.

SevillaVenues: a great addition for the MICE industry