Pacific World creates experiences linked to emotions to drive motivation

Pacific World, the leading global DMC and Event Management company, will unveil seven themes that have created a new series of bespoke incentive programs at this year’s IMEX America that focus on experiences which are aligned to people’s emotions and motivation.

Following in-depth research among its client base, Pacific World has used the results to develop themes that include: Exclusive high end adventures; Inspirational special events; Authentic local experiences; Innovative technology concepts that challenge creativity; CSR activities that inspire; Holistic retreats that promote wellbeing and wholeness.

“Clients are increasingly searching for meaningful experiences that move their customers,” said Selina Chavry, Global Managing Director for Pacific World.

Examples of how Pacific World create experiences that engage with a person’s emotion and motivation have included:

“Discover the secrets of Hong Kong Real Estate tycoons” - This multiple personality city is infamous for its real estate that is regarded as one of the costliest as well as the most lucrative in the world. Pacific World has created an experience that takes the attendee into the world of the construction industry of Hong Kong, specifically a hard-hat tour of the Zhu Hai-Macau Bridge, conducted by one of the engineers or the architect. The 50km bridge for which construction began in late December 2009, is slated to complete by end of 2017. Clients will shift their perspectives by an exchange in views and discuss the real estate and insurance scene in Hong Kong.

“Breath India” - In Hindu philosophy including yoga, Indian medicine, and martial arts, Prana is all cosmic energy, permeating the Universe on all levels. Prana is often referred to as the "life force" or "life energy". In today’s world we search for soul enriching experiences that leave an "impression" on our sense of being. The experience "Breath" takes attendees to 100-acre Maharaja’s Palace Estate, overlooking the spiritual Rishikesh and the Ganges river valley while surrounded by Sal forests. Traditional Yoga and healthy organic cuisine is combined in an overall experience to restore wellbeing, balance and harmony.

“Barcelona, a city of second chances” - Giving attendees a different perspective on life. Pacific World goes back to the streets with a former homeless person and shares with attendees a different perspective on life, achievement, adapting to change and self-motivation.

The full range of experiences and possibilities will be showcased at the upcoming IMEX America, Pacific World booth 2030.