The Node and Vision Communication promote social inclusion through environmental conservation

Europe and the Mediterranean Member States are currently facing unprecedented risks and, as a consequence, share challenges that they have never had to meet before. Environmental, social, and economic risks are an explosive mixture and it has already been show that to try to face them alone is both inefficient and unsustainable.

The Mediterranean Network of Forestry Research and Innovation (MENFRI) is working to promote innovation in forest management and conservation, allowing North and South Mediterranean countries to share their experience and knowledge. This network has already managed to create an external group formed by key actors from different sectors, who have joined forces on an independent platform under the name The Node: Node for Opportunities, Development and Environment.

The Node focuses on opportunities, development and environment. Its main objectives include empowering people so as to allow them to broaden their knowledge and work in the environmental sector and/or forestry, thus promoting social inclusion. By the same token, The Node’s mission is to be a game-changing actor driving innovative sustainable development solutions in the forestry, environmental, and social sectors. The organization combines its multidisciplinary approach with market opportunities, knowledge and social business, seeking to develop and deliver empowering experiences and effective tailored services for an inclusive sense of ownership.

The Node is now ready to help the European Union, governments, the forestry industry, and international organizations to reach their socio-ecological objectives, while promoting social inclusion.

The launching of The Node will take place at the European Parliament, Brussels, on 16 November. The event will be attended by representatives of the European institutions, the Union for the Mediterranean, and several UN agencies, as well as national authorities, scholars, and representatives of the private sector and civil society.

Vision Communication is one of the founding members of The Node, contributing with its experience in a wide range of communication, marketing, social awareness, and dissemination activities. At Vision, we defend the principles of social inclusion, empowerment, and cultural dialogue, and would like to harness them to serve environment innovation and conservation. How? Through communication for action.

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