Next ICCA Iberian Chapter Assembly Geared to Identifying Ways of Improving Business


The assembly is scheduled to be held at the Gerona Congress Centre from 2-4 April 2014.

Research into new meeting and event markets and formats with the aim of improving business expectations are the two issues that will be addressed during the educational sessions of the ICCA Iberian Chapter’s assembly, which will take place at the Gerona Congress Centre from 2-4 April. As in previous years, other trade professionals are also encouraged to attend the assembly, even though they are not ICCA members.

The organizers are currently refining the assembly’s eminently practical programme, geared to helping the participants to improve their strategies when submitting national and international bids. In consonance with this aim, the assembly will yet again feature a buyer and supplier workshop, Those ICCA members wishing to participate must propose the name of a major event planner, who will then receive an invitation to take part in the workshop.

In order to encourage the participation of other trade professionals who are not ICCA members, especially the members of other meeting and event industry associations, the organizers are offering them the possibility of participating in all the programmed activities at special price.

Gerona will be hosting the next ICCA Iberian Chapter assembly