New Generation Mobilight Spotlights Now Available


Solfesa has just been named exclusive distributor of Ape Labs’ products in Spain.

Established in 2009, the German company Ape Labs has developed a new lighting system, Mobilight and Apestick, with the aim of providing versatile, professional lighting without cables.

Thanks to the system’s unique characteristics, it offers endless possibilities for lighting venues and elements.

New generation Mobilight spotlights now available

  • Completely wireless lighting system (without power and DMX cables).
  • High power LEDS with effects in all colours.
  • Equipped with two lenses allowing for different effects.
  • Built-in receiver for W-DMX and remote control.
  • Easy to use for people not familiarized with audiovisual equipment.
  • Easy to transport: 10-piece collection cases available including wireless charging and accessory box.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Optional rain proofing for outdoors.
  • Nine hours operation at full performance per charging. Ten hours charging time at 220v.
  • Savings on transport, cabling and staff.