More than 40 companies attend Sörensen’s “Breakfast with Ideas”


Sörensen hosted over 40 of the best B2B entrepreneurs at the event “Breakfast with Ideas”. A project of the Company and Society Foundation aimed at all those companies willing to receive new proposals that could improve the performance of their companies.

On this occasion, Sörensen hosted the heads of the marketing, communication and purchasing departments of companies such as Altadis, Mitsubishi, Varma, Auxadi, ESIC, Cepsa, Orpea, Bultaco, the Madrid Chamber of Commerce, Cáritas, and Madrid Xanadú, among others.

The event was held at the offices of the agency Sörensen on a weekday. This novel format gave the event dynamism and agility, as well as fostering networking between the attending companies and entrepreneurs, which has led to several meetings to discuss future collaborations.

The entrepreneurs had the opportunity to showcase their products and/or services before the other attendees, with special emphasis on the advantages that their firms offer for business development. The attending companies included Thisness, neuroscience and consumer psychology; Gamco, software solutions based on predictive models obtained by applying artificial intelligence to Big Data; Marketeer Lab, a platform for automating CSR and lead capture and client retention processes based on artificial intelligence; Alumne-elearning, a platform for employee self-development and client training; Muwom, a way of generating emotional connections through music; Hitsbook, a content and video management platform; and Vidibond, a technology development firm.