Melia Hotels International Launches Mobile Website


Smartphones and tablets currently account for 25% of’s traffic, a trend that obliges the hotel company to adapt to the consumer habits of the Mobile Era.

“With this change in consumer preferences, it is essential that we adapt and respond to our customer needs,” stated David Wright, director of distribution of Melia Hotels International. “Mobility has to do with people, not the technology, and this approach is fundamental in designing a product that exceeds user expectations in the mobile environment. Having too many features can be as bad as having too few, so the real challenge is to ensure that our users have the same experience across all platforms."

Melia has included new features in its mobile website, such as availability search for finding the nearest hotels. It has also revamped the website’s look and feel, showing each of its brands in the best light, including new photos of the chain’s hotels. It has also added new functionalities to its MeliaRewards loyalty programme, allowing members to view their account, make bookings, and redeem their points.

In addition to the new mobile website, Melia has just launches its MeliaRewards native app for iPhone y Android.

"In this first version, in addition to all the search and booking features, the MeliaRewards app also allows users to store their loyalty card on their phone, just like the passbook app (app for storing coupons, boarding passes, and other forms of mobile payment) for iPhones," said Wright, before adding: "We are also developing apps for specific hotels which will help customers find their way around their facilities, for instance, to search for and book at a restaurant or spa centre, or even find other guests interested in sports activities, such as a game of tennis, all with the aim of improving our customer service at our properties".