Light your events without hanging points


At Showlight Iberia we are accustomed to using hanging points to install our lamps. It is the most habitual way when we have to light venues such as marquees or gardens. But, on more the one occasion, we have come up against the problem that, due to an event venue’s limited space, this has been complicated, if not impossible.

We are delighted to announce that this will no longer be a problem, since Showlight has just launched an intelligent alternative.

What is involved is a robust 3m-high structure that serves to hang our chandeliers and lamps in those venues that cannot be lit conventionally.

Even in those cases in which this problem does not exist, this structure can still be an interesting alternative, since it does away with the extra cost of assembling a truss for lighting elements. Wedding receptions, parties and VIP events can now benefit from this innovation which makes it possible to decorate practically any type of venue with chandeliers.

Furthermore, this type of structure opens up new opportunities for events such as wedding receptions and promotional events, since panels with the names of the bride and groom or the logo of the company organizing the event can be installed in the lower part of the structure.

Showlight’s lighting elements open up a greater number of creative possibilities than at first meets the eye. If you are considering using lamps, chandeliers or candelabra for one of your events, please get in touch with us and you will discover that we have plenty of ideas for making your event a resounding success.

Resolving any installation problem is only a small part of our work, and this structure that allows for the installation of chandeliers without the need for hanging points is the answer. The rest consists in exploring all the possibilities as regards décor so as to ensure that your event offers your guests a unique experience.


Light your events without hanging points