Isoluz in constant growth

Isoluz is a firm specializing in all types of event solutions. Based on the Costa del Sol, it is a pioneering company in the design, production and staging of audiovisual events, with cutting-edge equipment, for both companies and institutions.

Its offerings include production and technical consulting for all types of events, temporary structures (exhibitions, stands, corporative facilities), audiovisual events (institutional, corporative, cultural, sports, shows), equipment rental (control systems, sound, lighting, videowalls, LED displays, video projection and streaming, live broadcasting, plasma screens, etc.), and content creation (staging, video shoots, post-production, mapping, 3D projects, augmented reality, etc.), among other services.

Isoluz has recently opened an engineering department, responsible for designing all types of self-protection, evacuation and safety plans for any kind of event venue, being the only firm in the area capable of certifying these documents.

Isoluz, company certified by Coolux

As a company at the forefront of market, Isoluz is committed to the use of the latest in technology. The firm has been offering video mapping and multi-screen services for two years now.

Thanks to the certification obtained from Coolux (one of the leading video server brands), our technicians have the technology, know-how, creativity and experience to project any type of audiovisual content on any types of surface.

Verlinde motors maintenance and revision certification

As part of its commitment to quality and safety, Isoluz’s maintenance technicians have taken a theoretical-practical course given by Verlinde, one of the leading makers of stage motors.

During a number of sessions, Isoluz’s technicians had to deal with the most common repairs in this type of motor, as well as regulating, checking and adjusting safety elements.

Thanks to the tools, bespoke devices and equipment acquired by Isoluz, its technicians have the training and direct authorization of Verlinde to perform the following tasks:

  • Preventive maintenance.
  • Corrective maintenance.
  • Safety break adjustments and measuring.
  • Clutch force adjustments and measuring.
  • Motor overload simulation.
  • Training others to handle motors.
  • Motor certification.