Indigo Travel & Events plants 10,000 trees on Earth Day


Indigo Travel & Events are planting 10,000 trees on Earth Day in Spain and in 150 countries around the world during the same day.

Deforestation is removing habitat for animals, contributing to climate change and damaging communities worldwide. One tree will absorb approximately a ton of carbon during it is lifetime. Fifty-eight acres of forest are being removed every minute, but you and your friends can help to restore the balance.

By planting a tree, we get high nutrition foods for humans, animals, wildlife and insects
We get sustainable building materials and fuel. Canopies in urban areas cool down, reduce energy use and absorb pollution.

Trees protect our environment and increase ground water recharge, prevent runoff and loss of soil. Trees produce oxygen, use carbon dioxide, improve public health, slow global warming by storing carbon. Trees and woodlands provide spiritual renewal and life. Walking in the woods stimulates the mind and soothes the soul. Natural remedies in the rainforest can be used as medicines.

During this Earth Day let us bring as many people together to plant trees and give back all the beauty we have received from the planet earth.

Planting a tree can bring our forests back. Take action for your planet.