Grupo Fersa with 15-M Movement in Puerta del Sol


This citizens’ movement had the disinterested support of the Fersa Group, which provided the necessary portable toilets, as well as its daily cleaning, disinfection and maintenance service.

On 15 May 2011, the story hit the headlines in all the media. The social movement that was being organized in the social networks became a reality, first occupying the Puerta del Sol in Madrid and then squares and streets all over Spain.

Fersa was there from the start. Members of the company’s staff offered the movement a number of portable toilets, so as to equip the improvised camp with the necessary facilities.

News of the Fersa Group’s collaboration with the social movement, which has caused the greatest buzz in the last few years, appeared in many national media. With initiatives such as this, the leading portable toilet rental company in Spain has shown itself to be sensitive and committed to the needs of modern society.