Fill your wedding with light with Showlight


Lighting has become one of the key elements when decorating a wedding venue, since the guests’ perception of their surroundings is based on the ambience created with the lighting employed.

Crystal chandeliers are one of the most popular wedding trends at the moment, insofar as they help to create a very sophisticated and elegant ambience and multiply the effect of LED candles or bulbs when suspended in unexpected places such as inside a marquee or from a wire to light an outdoor venue.

They are an ideal option for lighting an outdoor wedding which will surprise the guests, while in an indoor venue or marquee they create a very special ambience.

Chandeliers can also be used to light a candy bar or a chill our area with a surprising effect.

Showlight, Europe’s leading firm specializing in chandelier rental, offers a wide range of lighting solutions. Based in Spain, the firm has collaborated in events all over Europe, including France, Italy, Portugal, etc.

The firm provides perfect lighting solutions for both corporate and private events, including fashion shows, gala dinners, window dressing, stand décor, etc., always achieving optimum results for all its clients. Thanks to its ample stock, Showlight is the professional wedding planner’s dream come true. Its temporary structures make it possible to install chandeliers in both indoor venues such as country houses and marquees and outdoor ones, even using trees as supports to create a very special atmosphere.

Showlight has chandeliers of all sizes, with a height ranging from 82cm to 6m, the largest in the world, thus making it possible to achieve a lighting effect to suit all occasions.

Showlights amazing team of professionals, together with the elegance of its marvelous chandeliers, will guarantee a perfect event.