Fersa Creates Subsidiary Companies for Covering Needs of Flourishing Event Industry


Fersa is chiefly dedicated to renting eco-friendly portable loos, but in the last few years, developments in this sector have led the company to create a series of subsidiaries. Thanks to its presence in Spain and Portugal and its wide range of products, Fersa is not only a leading company in the sector, but also a benchmark, since it has been the first to provide the event industry with portable loo solutions.

The company’s products include traditional eco-friendly portable loos and the latest in revolutionary panel system for portable toilets (FERSA-VAC, the only product of its types available in Spain), combining top quality and design, for use in venues with difficult access, such as basements and top floors, two-storey marquees and tents, and inside and outside monuments, which is both easy to install and free-standing. Its design and quality make it an ideal product, with maximum added value, for events organised by Fersa’s clients.

The company’s modern luxury toilet trailer modules are equipped with wood floors, piped music, lighting adapted to the company’s corporate colours, air conditioning and heating, TVs with plasma screens, etc., and include maintenance. This product has allowed Fersa to become an exclusive supplier for all the main events held in Spain.

However, Fersa’s success has two basic pillars: firstly, its clients, thanks to whom the company has been able to develop a wide range of quality designer products over the years; and secondly, the company’s team of 100 highly qualified professionals, whose daily aim is to satisfy the needs of the 2,500 clients engaging the company’s services throughout the year.

This year, Fersa has the pleasure of presenting its new products, characterised by their top quality and design. With its new luxury toilet trailer modules, recently created production and hospitality departments, Fersa-Vac line and eco-friendly portable loos, the company will continue to provide its clients with the quality service to which they are accustomed.