Exploramas Launches Mind Breaks®


Under the premise of Low Cost-High Value®, Exploramas has just launched a new product called "Mind Breaks®".

All meetings have programmed pauses, the traditional coffee breaks, where attendees have the opportunity to exchange opinions, as well as to take refreshment. Everyone knows that, apart from a few exceptions, this pause does not usually fulfil its objective; that is, to help attendees disconnect before “reconnecting”.

With the aim of encouraging attendees to interrelate with one another and creating a good atmosphere during the meeting, Exploramas has developed a new concept.

Mind Breaks® is a stimulating and fun idea that opens up a wide range of possibilities, including games, challenges and performances, geared to coffee breaks, which are indispensable at business meetings.

The aim of these challenges and activities, always supervised by qualified staff, is to break the ice, reactivate the circulation by means of short exercises, or enjoy a performance, in order to recharge batteries in a positive to way so to tackle the following meeting in the best possible shape.

With really competitive prices, this initiative makes an enormous contribution to business meetings, in addition to allowing companies to differentiate their event through an innovating concept.

For further information, e-mail Exploramas at info@exploramas.es or ring the company on +34 952 477 951.