Event Success: a Matter of Protocol


iiR Spain is developing a new seminar to teach the ABC of event organization in a "totally professional" way.

Every day, companies face the challenge of organizing internal and external events and functions. Whether they are product launches, institutional visits, press conferences, business meals or working breakfasts, etc., they are key moments for companies to show themselves in the best light in terms of corporate image.

The success of any corporate event or function depends to a great extent on the way in which it has been organized, the attention given to guests, seating arrangements, and in short all those elements related to the “rules” of protocol and corporate good practices.

iiR Spain has just announced that it will be holding a specialized seminar from 4-5 February 2009, which will address the key questions that should be taken into account when organizing corporate events and functions.

Given by Carmen Cuadrado and Milagros de Torres, two well-known experts in protocol and communication, the seminar will cover some of the chief questions in order to:
- Conduct an in-depth analysis of official and corporate protocol
- Identify the crucial factors of mixed functions
- Get to know different techniques for drawing up a banquet seating plan
- Analyse the invitation process, including database management, invitations, guest hospitality, etc.
- Get to know the ins and outs of function planning and structuring
- Put theory into practice in three real case studies conducted in situ

In Spain, iiR has been the market leader in corporate content and event development and management for the last 20 years. The company provides clients with a full training and information service package through innovative products such as written courses (modular distance learning programmes), as well as carry out 500 conferences, congresses and seminars and 200 in-house training programmes per year.

For further information, e-mail iiR Spain at info@iirspain.com or ring +34 902 121 015.