Europe’s Biggest Mobile Crystal Chandelier


On 20 October, Europe's largest mobile crystal chandelier was used to decorate the National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC), Barcelona, for the Mango Fashion Awards.

For this unique occasion, Showlight Spain was commissioned by ESMA Proyectos to assemble its 6m high chandelier.

The Mango Fashion Awards ceremony was held a week ago for the third year running. Europe's largest mobile chandelier, suspended from the ceiling of MNAC, embellished this splendid venue, adding an additional touch of class to the gala dinner.

Showlight Spain has two of these exclusive chandeliers among its large stock of authentic crystal chandeliers of all sizes. To date, giant chandeliers have only been seen at the Miljonairs Fair Amsterdam, the Die Goldene Feder awards (the most important communication awards in Germany), and numerous luxury galas. This is the first time that a chandelier of the size has been seen in Spain.

A special team from Showlight Spain assembled and dismounted this enormous, 550kg chandelier, consisting of thousands of large crystals.

From the 10 finalists, the jury awarded the first prize of €300,000 to the Belgium designer Lena Lumelsky, who will now be able to fulfil her dream of presenting her own collection in Paris. Furthermore, the spectacular ceremony attracted a large number of celebrities, including Scarlet Johansson, Jean Paul Gaultier and Oscar de la Renta, among others.

Europe's largest chandelier at the Mango Fashion Awards