This autumn La Roca Village hosts an installation by the artist Eva Armisén that pays tribute to happiness


Once again, La Roca Village is transformed this season into a shopping destination that offers guests unique experiences through amazing happenings, exclusive services and, of course, the finest fashion.

Continuing its aim of surprising guests and creating memorable experiences, La Roca Village – one of the Collection of nine Chic Outlet Shopping® Villages in Europe by Value Retail – starts the season with an installation of sculptures by the artist Eva Armisén, which will be exhibited in the Village until 31 October.

The Village once again unites fashion with art, through a collection of ten large sculptures placed in the outdoor spaces at La Roca Village. The sculptures represent a group of friends walking through the Village, appearing casually between people and allowing visitors to interact with them. “Bringing art closer to people is essential and it is interesting to do it in a playful way,” says Eva Armisén about her installation at the Village. Bruno, Cristina, May and Marc, accompanied by their pets, Jean Paul, Stella, Olivia, Rei, Coco and Pep, are the Armisén characters that will surprise visitors at La Roca Village this season.

Eva Armisén is a true ambassador of happiness and it is shown in all of her work. The artist, who always seeks to inspire optimism in those who enjoy her creations, explains that through her collaboration with the Village she is interested and attracted to “the ability of interacting with people who do not expect to find my work and the fact that my pieces will help them to make their visit to La Roca Village more enjoyable.” This collaboration with Eva Armisén has been achieved with the help of the prestigious art gallery Safia Art Contemporani, which, through its commitment to contemporary art, strengthens the link between the experience of enjoying a work of art with other daily activities. Safia brings art closer to all audiences and integrates it into everyday spaces and moments. With regard to its project with La Roca Village, the gallery explains they enjoy working with the destination "because it is a company that treats its clients with great care and wants to offer them the possibility of living unique artistic experiences". Eva Armisén’s art contribution to the #DestinationHappy campaign at La Roca Village represents, in a very special way, the goal of the Village this autumn: to keep surprising guests and offer them a unique shopping experience. With this collaboration, La Roca Village supports, once again, disciplines that go beyond fashion and becomes a platform that showcases the best creative talent to the world.

This autumn La Roca Village celebrates everyday moments that fill us with happiness and invites its visitors to discover unique experiences in the Village through the #DestinationHappy campaign. Finding that outfit that suits you perfectly or a must-have accessory, enjoying a family shopping day, being surprised by your favourite brand’s collections, finding the perfect gift or a new outfit for a party, or even relaxing with a coffee outdoors while browsing Instagram for the latest looks, is something that makes anyone feel joyful. That’s why this autumn the Village becomes #DestinationHappy and invites you to enjoy a unique shopping destination with unforgettable experiences.

This autumn La Roca Village hosts an installation by the artist Eva Armisén that pays tribute to happiness