Alhambra Hostesses in CajaGranada Foundation breakfast debate-analysis


The breakfast debate-analysis, ’Granada. Present and future. Keys to a project for transforming Granada into a tourist destination’, organized by the CajaGranada Foundation, was held on 18 May.

With the intervention of Francisco Cuenca Rodríguez, Mayor of Granada, José Entrena Ávila, President of the Provincial Government of Granada, and Fernando Gallardo speaker and analyst of trends and new concepts in tourism, and moderated by Eduardo Peralta, Director of IDEAL, the breakfast debate-analysis addressed the possibility of creating a voucher including hotel accommodation and entrance tickets to the Alhambra, an idea that will be submitted to the Andalusian government.

On this occasion, the CajaGranada Foundation commissioned Alhambra Hostesses to create a data base, send out invitations and receive confirmations, and to provide hostesses and protocol services during the event.