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Fly Art Madrid is the only outdoor flying trapeze school in Spain. It is an original, exciting, fun, sporting activity that will fill you with physical and mental well-being.


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Carretera Madrid-El Pardo, km 3,4
28035 Madrid Madrid

The flying trapeze is a new form of leisure and wellness, as well as an exciting sport, in which everyone will have the experience of becoming trapeze artists. A unique activity, exciting and difficult to forget, that will strengthen relationships and group atmosphere. Participants will find with this activity different ways to channel their emotions, believe in their own abilities and place trust in others in a group environment.

The session begins with a specific playful warm-up and the learning of some simple figures on the small trapeze. After warming up we will go up to the platform of the large trapeze to jump and execute the simple figure learned on the small trapeze. Participants will experience this incredible sensation of flying, they will perform stunts in the air, they will motivate each other to get the figure they have been taught and then they will land slowly in a circus net, and they will always be held by a harness, so that they they will be in complete safety throughout the session.

It is an exciting, motivating and stressful activity, ideal for team-building activities, coaching, and company events.

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